Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Sketches "Holiday Baking"

Sketch #1

Sketch #2
Tis the season to firer up the oven and starting baking....
That's exactly what I did on Wednesday just like a thousand other people in the States.
It's also the day I decided to make a commitment to myself  to sketch something in my sketchbook every day for 108 days.
What ever gave me that idea you might ask?  Well another artist / blogger of course.  Marla Baggetta, of Painting & Pastels mentioned she was going to try sketching daily for 108 days and wondered if anyone else wanted to join her. You can read that post on her blog  Painting & Pastels.
I must admit  I've seen some amazing Art Journals in the past few weeks and have been toying with the idea of recording something positive each day in my sketchbook. When I read Marla's post I took it has a sign to do just that every evening before I drop into bed. ha ha. Please note that not all of my sketches will look as finished as what I posted today (I've been on Thanksgiving break) but at least one will be worthy to share on Sunday Sketches.
Have a great week and don't forget to follow the link above and see what the other artist are sharing today on Sunday Sketches.



  1. Just wonderful sketches! Happy ones.

  2. Wonderful sketches, great idea about the 108 days of sketching weill head ovder there now.

  3. How beautiful! Your pies look amazing...

  4. Wow, you are so good, Karen. A great illustrator with a wonderful "notebook/sketchbook" type style. Classic. Love these. Alex will love them, guaranteed, when she gets to them.

  5. Wonderful! I signed up for an online class to kick start my journaling practice!

  6. Karen, your journal pages are fantastic! I really like your style. Both you and Wanda have really amazing watercolor talent! Thank you for sharing with us again. Love it. :)



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