Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Creative Tuesday "Dreaming of Christmas"

 My first drawing for this weeks Theme "Dreaming of Christmas."
 I love the simplicity of this drawing, but the little girls feet, face and waving hand looked strange to me.
So I decided to give it another try and this time add a background to the scene.

 2nd drawing
Well..I didn't get to finish the revise as you can see. I had sketched out the background in my sketchbook and was still revising the children when I realized I wasn't going to complete the piece by today's dead line. I ended up cutting out the children and gluing their feet onto the background. My little girl seems to have aged and the little boys face got puffy. It still needs work but I made the dead line Michael.
Would you believe  I was thinking of calling in sick this morning just to stay home and finish it properly. I'm starting to take Creative Tuesday a bit to seriously. haha
I love my concept, it brought back so many fond memories of my own children when they were small. We always cut down our own tree and would dress up just to visit Santa at the Art Gallery. I remember their Grandparents telling us "This is the best time of your life, enjoy every minute with your children when there young."
I must admit, it is so true.

Happy Holidays


  1. I like the first version a little better than the second. I do like the colors you used, it certainly gives it a christmas feel. great take on the CT theme.

    do you use photos as references? it would really help you, as I do the same thing. If I can't get something right, I go & search out photos, mostly on the net, and use what I find as reference.

    have a sweet day.

  2. I really love them both. Such talent...but I must say the first one really speaks to me. You've done an excellent job. Wonderful illustration.

  3. Karen, this is lovely and I love how you cut out the characters and put them on that lovely background. So glad you got this in on time too. Thank you! Wonderful. You know what is funny, is that I just said that last statement too to someone who is a Dad with little kids. IT is so true. hope your xmas is full of good cheer and making new happy memories to treasure for decades to come! :)

  4. cracking up that you were thinking of calling in sick so you could finish this!!! It's a beautiful drawing, but I do like the little girls face on #1 best

  5. They're both great, but I love the first best as it reminds me of drawings from vintage children's books. Beautiful work, I love her red dress!

  6. Karen, this is absolutely amazing! What a wonderful piece full of life and joy! :)

  7. Love them both and your style with watercolours. That red really pops.



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