Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Sketches... Pine Cone Santa

 Well the Christmas rush is upon us all and I for one can't find the energy to get everything done. I'm behind doing everything! Haven't completed a watercolor painting, a gift for my daughter Jessie. It must be completed today and in the mail by tomorrow or it won't get there in time. The tree has lights but no decorations yet, haven't set up my Christmas Village, and haven't made any cookies or my chocolate pecan candy to give as gifts this week.  I didn't even sketch every day.
A lot of  students are sick at school, maybe I'm fighting off a cold which could be the reason I'm sleeping so much when getting home after work.
On a positive note I did manage to draw this cute little pine cone Santa which was a gift from my daughter Jessie, several years ago. You can't see the white glitter that was added to the piece but I think he turned out quite well... Maybe I should frame him and send to her, would that be called re gifting?   ha ha.
Have a great week.

~ Karen


  1. Love your pine cone Santa. Hope you soon feel better, take care of yourself! Valerie

  2. That is a fun gift to receive and then relive by drawing it. I hope you are feeling better and have caught up with your tasks. wishing you a safe and warm holiday.



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