Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Sketches; All About Me

I've been so  busy teaching this week that I haven't done anything in my sketchbook to share with my Sunday Sketches friends, and was feeling rather sad about that. Well that all changed when I hopped over to see what Juana had created for this weeks Sunday Sketches, and read her post about Drawing and Stamps.
  Guess what I have been working on all week with my students?  Drawing and Stamp Printing, and I thought I didn't have anything to share...
 This week I introduced my Studio Art Final Exam Project. Its an Art journal that the students create based on a theme designed around their interests. They must complete 6 pages based on certain Elements and Principles of Design (determined by me)  plus a front and back cover. This project has always been a favorite of my students over the years.
With that said, the requirement for page 1 of the Art Journal is Line/ Pattern. Students must create a stamp print using a variety of different line and then print their stamp in a pattern of their choice.

Basketball Love

Its all about Sweets

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes
Three Samples from my power point presentation

Both the students and I have been creating stamps all week. I wish I had thought to bring samples of the students drawings and stamp prints to share today. So... seeing that I'm working on a Power Point Presentation for the "All About Me" page this morning I'll share my exemplar for that page. Its a photo of me and a sketch of how I connect with my theme "The Tree of Life." My image of course is an acorn. (I'm Nuts) ha ha.

 Hope you enjoy, and a thank you to Juana for giving me an idea to post about today.

Happy Sunday Sketches...

~ Karen


  1. Lovely work, the students are lucky to have you for an art teacher!

  2. I always forget that you're an art teacher! That must be oober enjoyable for you. I did a semester through my school - an internship, teaching art to the local homeless and studying them to see if art helped them cope with their current situation. It certainly did and I feel like I learned so much more about life and what people go through. Anyway....babbling there. lol Love your stamps. I'd love to learn how to do something like that at some point and time. So glad you joined us again. Hope you're doing well, despite being busy. :)

  3. This is really a very cool project. Wish I could do something like this as well. And I love love love the shoes!

  4. Oh how wonderful! I love your stamps. Your class sounds great!

  5. Hurray to see you posted about the stamping project! I can see why it's been a favorite over the years with students. I really enjoyed the glimpses into your powerpoint presentation and love the basketball print.



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