Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Sketches; A Cup of Spring

Good morning to all my Sunday Sketching friends... I'm  sorry I've been missing lately, but I do have something to share today ;)  It's just a little cup of Spring...  and boy do I feel rusty painting. It's not the best sketch I've ever done but I'm enjoying its charm.  Note to self... Even though you're tired, push yourself to sketch something, anything every day.

 So here is my excuse... My day job is sucking up all my creative energy. I come home after school, and instead of taking a walk or drawing in my sketchbook, I just want to take a nap. I refuse to think this is old age... I'd rather like to think I'm having too much fun pushing my students to try one more thing on their projects. Next thing I know it's 3:00 and all my creative energy is used up.  Having enthusiasm for my job and encouraging students to think creatively really drains the life right out of me. I've talk to my  28 year old daughter who is also a teacher and it happens to her too. Ha ha.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Beautiful art and beautiful illustrations! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love your little cup of spring :)
    And you've got a new follower :))

    Have a fine Sunday
    Tinna ✐

  3. Love the sweetness and in the moment feel to your pen and watercolor drawing!

    I used to teach English in Japan, and had days like you speak of in your post. I did Keri Smith's 100 Ideas for a bit to give me a spring board on my most tired days.

  4. Lovely work!!!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  5. A cup of Spring....what a PERFECT title and blog post. Perfect and beautiful illustration to accompany it. Wishing you a lovely week! :) xx

  6. this is delightful, glad you found the time for this one!

  7. such a charming piece
    wishing you energy for all you wish to do

  8. Delightful... sketching, painting, flowers and a teacup. All my favourite things.
    Beautifully illustrated and a lovely title.
    I can imagine you would feel drained after teaching... it's so self-less to inspire.
    I wish you boundless energy for this coming week ;D
    Have fun



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