Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vacation Sketches

Last week my husband and I spent time visiting our daughter and her boyfriend in South Carolina.
Jessie and Mark at the entrance to the Botany Bay Plantation
Lucky for me I brought along my sketchbook hoping there would be some time to record our trip.
The first morning I woke up way to early and realized I didn't know how to use the remote on their TV and didn't have their security password to use my computer. Good lord what was I going to do with myself while waiting for everyone to wake up?  As fate would have it, while waiting for my coffee to brew I noticed a little frog jumping across their kitchen counter. Actual it startled me to death and I wasn't about to pick it up... when it accrued to me this would be an ideal time to draw in my sketchbook.   I quickly grabbed my supplies and a  morning ritual was started. 

  Hopeful I'll be able to continue this routine each morning with my cup of coffee;)

~ Karen


  1. what a wonderful way to spend your mornings, lovely sketches too!

  2. Wonderful routine Karen! :)
    Maybe I should do so too :))
    The little treasures and the one from
    Botany Bay are my favourites :))

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Hello Felicia, thanks for all these beautiful pictures! :)
    And especially for the snowy pictures, because we are having
    another heatwave here. :)
    The last one is my absolute favourite, with all the yellow
    Dandelions :)

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Tinna ✐

  3. Such pretty sketches...really lovely!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. A wonderful way to remember your special moments!

    I have to ask, why was a frog on the kitchen counter?

    I LIKE your technique...refreshing colours and light hand, combined with a brief little note about each picture!

    1. My daughter has a dog and sometimes in the evening when she opens the back door a little visitor (frog) hops in without her seeing. It took her boyfriend several days to finally find the little guy when he woke up to catch and put back outside.

  5. I love your delicate beautiful art pieces.
    Happy PPF♥

  6. Gorgeous art work, happy PPF!

    Love and hugs

  7. Wonderful simple journaling. Congrats on getting into the "habit". I loved the book, too. Slow start but really worth the read!

  8. Fabulous sketches, Karen. Come now, you have to admit that little frog is rather cute.
    Congratulations on being featured at PPF.

  9. Wow. You are so talented.all if your sketches are beautiful!



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