Sunday, May 3, 2009

Never Throw Anything Away

Last week I started Alisa Burke’s online class "Whimsical Women." Making a "funky, wild, three dimensional character out of mixed media." This morning I grabbed my coffee and headed for the studio. I needed to be prepared before Alisa posted her lesson for week #4. I had painted some fabric, gathered junk from around the house, kind of had an idea what I wanted to do and started to sketch-out my woman. Did I have enough fabric?

Thank goodness over the years I’ve kept scraps of fabric, unfinished works of art and all my sketchbooks. Within the hour I had plenty of fabric that went along with the pieces I had painted, and then sketched out my Adventurer Woman from ideas of past sketchbooks. She looks something like an acorn with butterfly wings. For those of you who don’t know me well; I love acorns and being outdoors.

U-whoo! This just might work. I have to stitch some pieces together and I'll be anxiously awaiting this week’s instructions.


  1. Hi Karen:

    Oh how beautiful colors on the fabric and yarn you have.
    I'm also like you and keep everything pretty, every scrap of paper and fabric, thread, name it!
    I saw you posting on the "Creative every day challenge" blog.
    I'm joining too :)

  2. Lena,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I visited your blog too. The photographs and your thoughts were amazing.



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