Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 3 Graffiti Lettering

Was just to flat so I added marker and a bit of paint.

Marker and color pencil sketch.
I realize it needs highlights for some reason the white paint marker wasn't working.

I like this off center view

I even included a "TAG" for my piece.

Week three of my Graffiti class was all about LETTERING.
The objective; create my own funky type font to use for a painting next week.
After choosing a font I liked, the next step was to come-up with a theme. I was very moved by the Brazilian artist, C215. He creates incredible portraits of homeless people hoping to draw attention to the problem.
"Inspire Hope" would be the theme for my next painting.


  1. You are doing some amazing work in Alisa's class. I loved that class so much!

    Going to check out that artist from Brazil.


  2. Just checking out various artist posts (I'm a newbie and learning). Love the graffiti



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