Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boyhood to Manhood in a Few Weeks

"That's it Gian." "Put the diploma behind your back so they can't take it back."

The Three Amigos.
Gian (on the right) with his best friends Kevin and John

The traditional family portrait .

Freshman orientation at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI.
Gian couldn't get away from us quick enough.

Signing in. As it turns out, Gian became orientation buddies with Mike standing behind him.
*As proof that the world truly is small, Mike lives in Pt. Pleasant, NJ where our good friends live.

Stayed at NYLO. A very hip and chic loft hotel. It was a recently convereted warehouse.
For all you history buffs, Abe Lincoln once spoke at this Fruit of the Loom factory in the 1860's.

1 comment:

  1. ahhh the passing of time
    my son became a Dad a few weeks ago and that really amazed me
    I didn't feel any older, I just felt a sense of continuity

    Gian is a very handsome young man, love his tousled hair

    I wish him great things at college



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