Sunday, July 26, 2009

High Falls Art Gallery

High Falls Art Gallery
60 Browns Race
My favorite artist next to our friend, Kurt Pfeiffer's work
Seek Alternate Routes

The Gallery

Three Abstraction's by Lyn Parson

No Winter Coat by Alicia Taylor

The crazy guy in the reflect is my hubby...
Love the clay pieces, they were on the street before Browns Race.

Just Love these Vessels!
Today was the opening for Abstraction at the High Falls Art Gallery.
If any of my students are checking the Blog... Please check it out. It is a very nice show.
Of course Kurt Pfeiffer is one of my favorites, make sure you check out his website. I also enjoyed Alicia Taylor's work, Check out her large painting hanging in the center of the exhibit. Its hand painted paper that she has stitched together. Very cool.


  1. What an attractive gallery with some fascinating works of art,
    Happy week.

  2. Thanks for your glimpses into this gallery. It looks wonderful!



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