Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adventure Photos from Pittsburgh

We arrived in Pittsburgh to rain, but after a 5 hour drive we didn't mind the 5 minute walk to the Art Institute for our Welcome/Orientation.

Teachers enjoying a cocktail reception in the Ai, Art Gallery.

Just one of many murals found around the city.

Would you believe we took both a land/water tour of Pittsburgh in this?

My daughter, Jessie driving/sailing that crazy vehicle while it was in the water.
Pittsburgh is surrounded by three rivers, the Allegheny, Ohio and the Monongahela.

Some of the crazy teachers that attained the "Just Ducky" tour which was provided by the Ai.

Our view of Pittsburgh from the Ducky Tour boat/truck.

It was a very busy two days.
Wednesday evening after orientation we walked around the artsy section of the city. Sorry I can't remember the name. There were murals all over but I didn't see any great graffiti.
We had dinner at a restaurant called, "The Library" all the meals were named after classical books and the menu was inside old books. It was very cool.
The Ai provided the tour and dinner Thursday evening for us.
Classes were 9 to 4 Thursday and Friday.
The first day of my Podcasting class was amazing! Patricia Huettel's was our instructor and she gave us so much useful information our heads were spinning. She advised us to keep it simple,
her advice was to create a power point the first day. My daughter, Jessie and I teamed up to start creating our podcast, "How to Plan an Adventure". We wrote copy and decided to take our own photos.
The second day we were to record and upload the finish product.
Well that was the plan at least... Unfortunately we left very disappointed. The instructors were not prepared or not informed that this was a class that we could teach our students. We left without any information on how to record or upload our podcast, or that's what we thought.
Thank heavens for Patricia Huettel...
Today as I was preparing to write this post and looking over my notes, I discovered that Patricia had given us a link for a free podcasting booklet called, Podcasting for Teachers & Students by Tony Vincent, and other Free production resources. Yeah...Tony's booklet is wonderful and covers everything.
Jessie and I are happy again.
Our goal is to have our podcast, "How to Plan an Adventure" done and posted before we go back to school.


  1. Good thing I took all those years of sailing, or else I may have sunk the boat :)

  2. Well you have certainly been one heck of a busy woman. Travels, classes, graffiti painting.

    Your blog is a feast for the eyes, Karen. Isn't Alisa awesome? I love what you have done.

    My daughter lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years and worked in a gallery. I enjoyed my time there. Glad you did too.



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