Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do What You Love

This morning as I was checking my blog news, I was thrilled to discover that Alisa Burke had selected two of my Graffiti paintings to promote her latest Graffiti Chic Workshop.
She had asked for my approval in May along with others from the class but I had forgotten. What a surprise! I feel very humbled and honored.
What is even COOLER...
Yesterday was the first time I actual bought three cans of "MONTANA" graffiti spray paint. I behaved like a child in a candy shop. The young guy that helped me thought it was so cool that I was into graffiti art. He even gave me the name of his favorite graffiti artist, Mirko Reisser Daim. Mirko is a German artist, his work is incredible. My students, that are watching the blog, make sure you check out his website.
What a great way to start the morning!


  1. Very nice Karen! Beautiful work.

  2. I looked at your recent posts and saw that your were taking the Recycling Remix class. Your stuff looks fabulous! I knew I should've joined that one too. Maybe next time. Great job!

  3. Karen I love this photo- Once again beautiful! Your work continues to inspire me!!!!



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