Monday, February 2, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Around the World

Thinking Globally

It's Monday evening and I actual made the dead line for Creative Tuesdays theme,"Around the World." 
I must be honest if  it hadn't been snowing all night and all today it wouldn't have gotten done.
  Yay for snow days!
I've been so busy making plans on how to promote my artwork see here that I didn't have time to create my  illustration titled "Thinking Globally."  As I sit here looking at it, I realize I forgot to draw a little frame around it. It looks like its floating on the page. Oh well I'll get to that later.
Can't wait to see what everyone has created tomorrow.
Enjoy your Tuesday.
~ karen


  1. what a lovely take on the theme! It's like a Unicef poster a bit too.

  2. You should definitely promote your art-work! I love this piece, the character design of all the faces are beautiful, you have a bold sense of color, and the little red plane zooming around the world is very cute. I could see this as a postcard illustration for kids to get excited about international travel. Wonderful job! Keep it up ^_^

  3. This really is around the world, truly wonderful! I totally agree with craftydvl's comments as well. Well done Karen.

  4. This is extraordinary....absolutely beautiful watercolors..the them is carried out with such feeling.

  5. Karen,
    Beautiful painting. I am learning to draw faces but yours are amazing. And your airplane has such spunk! I can see it dash across the sky. Great thoughts on joining us together globally.

  6. Hi Karen,
    Yes, as Janis said, "beautiful painting". I didn't think it needed a border. I also checked out your website.
    Very beautiful art there as well.

  7. It would be interesting to see just how you would do the border for this piece but as it is, it def has that around the world feel to it so thank you! Well done and getting it in in time no less! I left you a comment on your site too. Exciting times, Karen. Your stuff is great. you are a natural when it comes to pen and ink and watercolour. Your loose style is perfect.



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