Thursday, February 12, 2015

Playing with Clay = Lots of Texture and Fun

 Demo #1 and #2 from my recent Clay Unit at the High School.

 The Turquoise Queen

Layers of color and texture

 Heart inspired lips

 The Creative Artist

Feathers, Glasses and Major Skin Issues.

 What a couple!

Gotta love that mustache.

We're just finishing up our clay unit at school, and I must admit it's one of my favorites. With each class I demo the process and always end up with some great exemplars.
I use acrylic paint instead of ceramic glazes because I love adding layers of color.
When I'm finished painting the piece it is sprayed with a high gloss fixative. 

Today I shared these two characters with the students. Most of the students think I'm crazy and can't understand why I made that guy so Ugly! I tried to tell them that its all about the TEXTURE and they had to admit, the guy has great taste in hats. he he  They just shook their heads and laughed, "Mrs. Maggio you're to funny!"

I'll be sharing this tomorrow with the Paint Party Friday blog.

~ Karen


  1. LOVE!!!!! Wonderful Karen, just wonderful! Valerie

  2. That guy isn't ugly, he's so cool! Love his spectacles and hat.

  3. These are fabulous - the fact they are so quirky and wonderfully textured makes them all the better - the colours are wonderful as well.

  4. ha, these are adorable! Love them ♥

  5. They are great, texture and character!

  6. What a hoot! Love these fun faces.

  7. I love the whimsey and charm of your characters! Happy PPF!

  8. Oh lordy, these are a riot. How fabulous your classes must be when you play with clay if these are what you end up making.

  9. Looks like fun indeed! Great idea on the acrylic vs ceramic glazes.



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