Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Sketches; Hope Chest / Dantiques

Spent Saturday morning in my studio finishing a watercolor painting that was started long ago. It is the most beautiful antique Hope Chest which is dated 1855. I enhanced the color scheme giving it a cheerer look.;)

 My watercolor sketch

 The Final Painting

After finishing in the Studio my friend, Nancy Diliberto and I braved the cold and snow to attend Dantiques Winter Sale. The owner Dan has become a good friend and we always find something special at the store. Look closely at the pictures above, the easel was made by Dan. Thank you very much Dan;)

 Dan enjoys re-purposing old materials. He found the wood used for this table submerged in water. After drying them out, Dan created the table without using any nails. He's a real DIY kinda guy.
The table was beautiful, along with that amazing chandelier.

 Nancy testing out the sofa. We enjoyed a cup of hot cider then headed back out in the snow. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures...
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~ karen


  1. Beautiful hope chest and easel, I did enjoy the photos of the antique store, wonderful Dan is doing something he loves for a living.

  2. great sketch and love the antiques especially the scales

  3. Love your painting and the easel, and I would love to be let loose in that store! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Gorgeous chest... with so much detail. I love it.
    And what a fantastic store. Nancy is doing a fine modelling job.
    I also like the sound of hot cider! Mmm 😊

  5. What a darling hope chest! I love your painting of it! Dantiques looks like an incredible place, especially your outside photo of it is so beautiful!

  6. Karen, it looks like you and your friend had a wonderful time, despite all of the chilling snow! :) And I LOVE LOVE your hope chest. It's utterly beautiful, filled with amazing detail. xx



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