Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Sketches; The Wing Back Chair

The Wing Back Chair

It's Sunday Sketches and I'm happy to report that it has been a very restful weekend. All I've been doing is watching TV and sleeping. What an exciting life I lead...ha ha. I did however manage to sketch our favorite Wing Back Chair in the living room. The sketch above was my second attempt, the basic straight forward view but not very exciting. The sketch on the bottom was my first attempt and unfortunately there wasn't enough room for the legs on the bottom of the page. I'm sharing it  because it feels more lived in, more loved. It was original owned by husbands mother. What do you think?

Grandmothers Comfy Chair
 Enjoy your day and remember to hop over to Sunday Sketches to see what the other artists have posted today.

~ karen


  1. I love a restful weekend and both your chairs! Lovely detail, and I think it is ok for that one to come off the page, it has an interesting angle.

  2. I love how you ran out of room for the legs ... I had a similar experience!
    Both are great sketches, though ~ love the soft, floral details!

  3. How peaceful and lovely both of them are. They have a great quality!

  4. You did an amazing job illustrating the print on your mother-in-laws chair. Blessings!

  5. Love the pattern on the chair - beautiful job!

  6. Thanks for sharing both. It's amazing how each has their own story to tell. The first attempt seems more a tribute to the chairs previous owner while the second is inspired by the chair's present life.

  7. I love your sketches, I've never been much of a sketcher myself, so I admire those who can relax enough to do it.

  8. this is a lovely chair
    and i like both paintings, very much
    so inviting



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