Friday, July 27, 2012

A Life Time Learner

 Every year teachers are expected to completed professional development in their subject area. This summer I was  lucky to do mine with Glass Artist, Nancy Gong. Nancy had been commissioned to work with 30 lucky students at Camp Seneca Lake / JCC. She would be teaching students how to create a glass Mezuzah using Lambert s new laminate technique. I spent 2 days in her studio with my son, Luciano learning the technique so I could help her teach the students.
The photo is my sketches for the project.
 Nancy helping Luciano pick out glass
 Luc's station.
 We both learned the proper technique used to cut glass.
 Luc's glass all cut and ready to be sanded and etched. Sorry to say I forgot to photo how we prepared the surface for etching..
 Sand blasting the glass.
 We are setting up getting ready to use Komponent component to glue the glass together.
 My glass designs and work station.
Cleaning the glass before gluing.

It took us all day to get to this point.

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