Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 3 Camp Seneca Lake

 The Craft Shack, at Camp Seneca Lake. It was our home for 2 days. What a fun place to create.
 Tables all set ready for the students.
 The glass was ready. What eye candy!
Glass Artist, Nancy Gong greeting students and just about to start her demo.
 Yours truly... teaching design and the importance of sketching out your design first.
 Was it advice?, Asking for help? Teamwork? Or the cute girl seating next to them;))
 Students were very engaged. They kept us hopping. :)
 Hey look, he was listening to me and was sketching his design. Yeah!!! Love when that happens.
 Working hard.

This is the girls from our 2nd group of students that day. Good thing there are no teacher unions for summer camp. I put in a 17 hour day. But I truly enjoyed every minute. Such great kids.

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