Friday, July 27, 2012

Final Day with Students at Camp Seneca

 Glass Artist, Nancy Gong and I spent several days with 30 campers creating glass Mezuzahs or would you say Hiddur Mitzvah. The coming together of family & friends to create a religious object of beauty.
 Student work from yesterday. Today they would be etching, sanding, cleaning and attaching their glass pieces to the metal backing. Unfortunately the metal tubes to hold the sacred scrolls had not arrived in time. Nancy will be attaching them for students at her studio in Rochester.
 The Craft Shack
 Just loved their welcoming mascot. :))
 Nancy gives students the agenda for the day. Then we were off and running to finish everything up.
 We had all thirty students at one time but everything ran smoothly.
 Joy, explained the importance of the religious scroll that would be attached to the Mezuzahs.
 Final group photo.
 Did I mention enough what a great time I had and what a joy it was to work with all the counselors and campers at Camp Seneca / JCC.
 Nancy demoed how to sand blast which etched the glass.
 Here is what it looks like right after. Of course you removed the paper and clean the piece.
 Jessie etched the Jewish star on her mezuzah.
Jessie's final piece on the left.

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